Hi, my name is Katie and I am a Canadian mom to three amazing and wild boys.  

My goal is for you to you let go of that mom guilt and help you realize that YOU are enough for your child.  I get it, it’s tough to fall into the comparison trap in this world of social media….Whether you’re a Pinterest mom creating perfectly curated crafts and interiors, or you’re winging it on the fly.  If you work out of the house, or from home.

This is an all-inclusive space with one underlying theme: we as parents know our children best making us our children’s best teachers; we are ENOUGH.  

About me:

As an Early Childhood Educator, I know that our little ones learn best through play.  I’m a huge fan of open-ended toys that encourage creativity and problem solving.  Even more- I love coming up with new and exciting ways to use toys we already have to give them new life.

I’ve been working in the field with children for over ten years, now I’m sharing what I’ve learned, what has worked for us, and what we love with YOU.  

I hope to inspire others and maybe even help them on their journey; whether your a parent, teacher, or both!


Katie Engel


email: earlychildhoodfun101@gmail.com