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Reggio-Inspired Learning Space: come take a tour.

My dream has finally come true...

For years I dreamed of having a space that was my own. I dreamt of creating a beautiful space that I would look forward to spending my days. A space where I could learn and grow along side the children.

I truly believe in the importance and power of a careful designed learning environment. This is why I have kept things are light and neutral as possible. I want this space to evoke calm, creativity, and growth. And I think I have succeeded in doing so.

Our reading/quiet corner is one of my favourite areas…I often find the children in here taking a quiet moment to themselves, or looking at books with friends. I love when the kids incorporate the tent as part of their play as well… perfect for a little hiding space, to act as a pretend “house”, or I have even seen them use it as a deep dark cave. Although I will admit, they have been known to get a bit silly in here 😉 So while I call this the “quiet corner” it does not always live up to this name!

I get asked so many questions about this table!  And unfortunately, I did not purchase it from a store…it was a facebook marketplace find.  It was advertised as a train or activity table and it cost me five dollars!!  We often use this table for small world play; here it is a very basic road way.  We also set up train tracks, animals and various wooden blocks pieces, construction site, etc.  Our carpet area is where we have most of our open ended building toys. I love providing the children with simple wooden toys that also them to use their imaginations while they play and create.

The table featured here gets lots of questions as well.  It is the Ikea “flisat” table and is perfect for sensory play.  The two white lids come off (take both off or just one) and the children can play with whatever materials you have set up in the bins.  This table really is great because when the lids are on it can use be used as a regular table for colouring, puzzles, lego, and more!

This is probably my most favourite area; our dramatic play area. Our play kitchen is from Ikea (but bought second-hand). The wooden shelves on either side are also from Ikea and are called “molger”. The little high chairs were thrift shop finds as were many of my wicker baskets.

I just love playing pretend here with the children. The baby dolls are always a hit, but I do like to change it up every once in a while. Some of the successful dramatic play areas we have done include; a doctor’s office, a coffee shop, a bakery, a vet clinic, and pizza parlour.

This easel was another second-hand find. I love the neutral colours and how it is not too big and bulky. I didn’t love my previous easel very much, this one is just perfect for us!

Our changing and bathroom area (I moved the easel out of the way to take this photo). This shelf is where I keep the children’s change of clothes so I can easily grab them when needed. Diapering station, the bathroom, plastic bags; all together. I also recently moved my books to this shelf. I had them stored in another location which wasn’t “open” or accessible. I love having them here so much better. Not only do I enjoy looking at them (because I have I arranged them in rainbow colour order!), but it makes it so easy to quickly grab a book when I see a child interested in a certain subject.

Our kitchen. This table is where we eat, where we play with play dough, colour, do crafts; so much fun is had here. This is an Ikea kitchen and our little table is also an Ikea table; it was full size, I just cut the legs down. All the chairs at this table were also purchased “previously loved”. What can I say- I’m a bargain hunter.

Right between the kitchen and the bathroom is the perfect little wall for this Ikea “kallax” shelf. This shelf houses our “table top” activities. Four clearly defined sections make it easy for the children to help with tidying. I have a few art supplies on the top of the shelf which has been working so well. The littlest ones cannot reach these, but it’s perfect because the older ones can see them and reach them as well. I used to have these materials in drawers, but I am finding having them visible is nice because the children see them and then it sparks an idea and they ask to colour or draw.

Finally, this is the entrance to our little learning space. Each child has a hook and a little basket.

That’s it! Please feel free to email me with any questions!

I feel so lucky that I get to spend my days here with my amazing little group of children that have truly become part of my family.

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